Eileen Mao is a Taiwanese-American artist and illustrator currently based in Los Angeles, California. 

In 2016, she graduated from ArtCenter College of Design, with a BFA in Illustration. 

Eileen's work is constantly molded and inspired by fashion, film, literature, music, nature, people, and life experiences. 

Her aesthetics is often centralized on the processes and conditions of the ethereal, while at times also celebrating the rawness within the unconventional.

As a woman, she is ceaselessly intrigued by the concepts of femininity and androgyny, as well as the numerous subjective definitions and modes of them. From early on in her childhood, Eileen has developed and harbored an interest for the bizarre, and spent much time invested in observing and attempting to understand it--within her surroundings, others, and herself. Such are among her favorite subjects.


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